We at Smt. Kamalabai Educational Institution,believe that education should be experiential,develop all-round abilities in children and
help them to be reflective.

We, at Smt. Kamalabai Educational Institution, believe that education should...

Inspire children to construct knowledge that will help them to make meaningful connections.

Our curriculum prepares our children to inquire, discover and develop knowledge and enable them to build connections with the real world as well as cultivating in them the ability to question and reflect. Our teachers emphasize on developing the ability to solve problems and guide the children to become result oriented individuals who believe in the power of team work. We envision them to implement knowledge practically to achieve targeted goals and expanding their creative and critical thinking ability.


Our curriculum encourages our children to learn independently and establishing deep-rooted understanding of concepts by questioning, reflecting and responding diligently. We motivate them to be aware and enthusiastic about new challenges at all times so that they develop the ability to formulate independent perceptions, observations and ideas. We give great importance to cultivating the habit of finding new meanings through contextual learning.


We believe in inculcating in children, the emotion to serve the society and the school and developing compassion for the fellow beings. Through our rigorous curriculum, we lay great focus on preparing them to be independent decision makers and effective problem solving individuals who are capable of synthesizing aesthetic and artistic sensitivity and thus shaping themselves into expressive and confident beings. Our curriculum also focuses on cultivating perpetual, positive and successful characteristics in children through mind and body as well as developing the ability to succeed persistently.


Our children cultivate in them the ability to infer wisely and make thoughtful decisions in every situation; and develop the higher order reasoning skills while establishing logical connections between the self and the real world. We encourage the teachers and the children to personalise the lessons and concepts effectively to understand and act with insight in everyday life. Children are always motivated to remain open to continuous growth and understanding the value of education and continuously thrive to become a balanced individual.